Agri-business propels much of the trade of the region dominated by production of rice, aquaculture products, high value crops, and livestock making Iloilo ready for opportunities in agricultural advancement and food processing.


  • Philippine raw cane sugar remains a top export commodity amounting to $14.5 million followed by fish or marine products, dried seaweeds, mangoes and ginger. High value crops like cacao and coffee, corn, temperate vegetables, and rubber, also abound in various areas in the region.
  • Iloilo ranks 5th in rice production, sugar cane, and poultry and livestock and takes pride in being the Food basket and Rice Granary of Western Visayas.
  • Iloilo hosts the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC), a multi-national aquaculture research facility.  Marine biologists and students from all over the world spend time studying and training at SEAFDEC. The facility has been successful in its spawning of prawns and milk fish various marine species under controlled environments.
  • Major export destinations of Iloilo agriculture and aquaculture products are Taiwan, Hongkong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan , U.S.A, and China, among others.

investment opportunities

  • Iloilo seeks to develop food processing and value adding of local materials.
  • Pre-feasibility studies and site evaluations for potential economic zones are actively pursued by local government units to host industrial estates, large-scale farming, and logistics hub.
  • Ancillary services that support production and distribution of raw materials and processed products.

Investment is the key to unlock the potentials of Iloilo’s agriculture and fishing industry. Investors can help the province gain access to greater capital; much-needed technology and knowledge transfer; timely, cheaper and convenient transport services to existing and new markets; and production,  post-harvest, processing and storage facilities, among others.

Top products in Agriculture and Aquaculture


Rice 891,740.83 MT / 234,563.73 HA
Corn 96,968.89 MT / 22,628.13 HA
Banana 140,624 MT / 14,476 HA
Fruit & Vegetables 14,996 MT / 1,011 HA

Fish Production

Aquaculture 1,100,800 MT / P1,116,809.66
Municipal Inland 251,419.68 MT
Municipal Marine 43,130.77 MT / P4,039,804.51
Commercial 31,629.07 MT / P8,664,815.10

Poultry and Livestock

Chicken – 6,693,192 heads
Duck – 552,624 heads
Hog – 178,334 MT
Cattle – 24,243 MT
Goat – 7,097 MT
Carabao – 6,101 MT

Other High Value Crops

Sugarcane – 1,178,517 MT
Mangoes – 25, 873.8 MT
Coffee – 2,798.84 MT
Cacao – 41.15 MT

Source: Based of Philippine Statistics Office 2015 Provincial Report