To steadily grow the economy of Iloilo it should stand on the three pillars of economic growth through agriculture, services, and the manufacturing industry. In partnership with the Iloilo Provincial Government and Palm Concepcion, ILED Foundation signed a memorandum of agreement creating the Iloilo Economic Zone Development Project that aims to prepare municipalities in Iloilo as a potential economic or industrial zone.

Iloilo Economic Zone Development Project

A memorandum of agreement between the Iloilo Provincial Government, Palm Concepcion Power Corporation, and Iloilo Economic Development Foundation was signed on August 18, 2017 to created the Iloilo Economic Zone Development Project  to support the Iloilo Province Iloilo Provincial Government’s prime strategy to hasten economic development of the the country side.

The Project will provide a package of development and technical assistance to develop and Iloilo economic zone strategy and business plan to support investment promotion to target  locators and investors. The Project will work with the Provincial and Municipal Economic Development and Investment Promotion Officers, Planning and Development Officers and other relevant national, provincial and municipal government offices for the implementation of the Project.




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