The growing demand for potable water supply opened opportunities for new investments from the public and private sector. Sustainability of water supply is now being addressed by the construction of the Jalaur River Multipurpose Dam Project which will irrigate 32,000 hectares of agriculture land, provide potable water to 9 local government units to include Iloilo City and generate 6.6 megawatts of hydro-power.

Metero Iloilo Water District (MIWD)

The Metro Iloilo Water District provides potable water to residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Iloilo. The supply system has now been further boosted through an agreement with MetroPac Water, a subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investment Corporation. The joint agreement aims to rehabilitate, operate and maintain Metro Iloilo water production facilities with the goal to supply up to 170m litres per day in the next 25 years.

The MIWD Office in Iloilo City.

Jalaur River Multipurpose Dam Project

The Jalaur River Multipurpose Project is a water dam project that aims to irrigate over 32,000 hectares of farm land and supply water to more that 22 towns in Iloilo, including Iloilo City. It consists of the Jalaur High Dam, Jalaur After Bay Dam, and the Alibunan Catchment Dam that will serve as a reservoir.  It also includes a 6.6-megawatt hydroelectric plant and an 81-kilometer high-line canal.

The Moroboro Dam provides irrigation to 11,000 farmers, 14,000 hectares of lands in the municipalities of the Province namely Dingle, Zarraga, Pototan, Barotac Nuevo, Dumangas, Anilao, and Banate.

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