infrastructure and utilities


Recognizing the importance of accessibility and quality of roads and infrastructures, public investments focused on improving gateways, constructing economic highways and developing road networks to connect Iloilo to major markets in the Philippines and the world.

The Iloilo International Airport in the municipality of Cabatuan.


The Iloilo International Airport is  a world-class gateway and the 4th busiest airport in the Philippines.


Sealed, all-weather roads and bridges increases the efficiency of daily trading activities resulting to more profit for business.


Iloilo Port is renowned for its historical contribution to trading in the Philippines during the Spanish time.

The Jaro-Iloilo Diversion Road.


Iloilo is poised to grow investments with the availability of power, water, and telecommunication services.


Iloilo has a stable and redundant power supply and improved distribution to sustain business requirements.


New investments in water supply and distribution are expected to meet growing demands of new markets.


Reliable telecommunication and data connectivity present strong advantage for increased online transactions and business productivity.