Quality of Life

What sets Iloilo apart from other fast growing areas in the Philippines is its thrust in balancing progress, ecology and cultural identity. Hardworking Ilonggos give equal premium to health, spirituality and stronger relationships allowing the community to remain grounded in the face of adversity as citizens of the 21st century.

Environmental Sustainability

The rehabilitation of the Iloilo River is a prime mover of healthy and sustainable lifestyle in Iloilo. It is a symbol of positive transformation among Ilonggos manifested by renewed interest for healthy living and outdoor activities.

Where the Past is always Present

Iloilo boasts of numerous centuries-old churches and houses. These well-preserved edifice are protected by local government laws and are renowned by the National Historical Institute of the Philippines.

Fun Festivals!

Iloilo has a variety of wonderful festivals. Dinagyang, a festival in honor of the child Jesus, and Paraw Regatta, the oldest sailing event in Asia, are the most celebrated and internationally recognized festivals, visited by local and foreign tourists.

Sweetness and warmth of Ilonggos

Ilonggo’s infectious sweetness and warm welcoming attitude has received praises from visitors from around the Philippines and the rest of the world.

A Thriving Art Scene

Due to its illustrious past, Ilonggo’s penchant for art is manifested through its local magnificent structures and various  contributions to music, literature and visual arts. This inspired the new generation of artists to advocate and enrich the growing collection of masterpieces that reflects the classic and modern expressions of Ilonggo artistry.

Peace and Order

Local law enforcement actively implements anti-criminality campaigns  to keep peace and safety at the forefront ensuring higher-economic productivity and economic progress.